ABOUT US – Fly-Select


We are a proudly mexican company dedicated to aviation with more than 23 years of experience, now with the executive aviation, we are here to give our clients security and effectiveness in every flight, we have the strictest quality standards in all of our aircrafts, guaranteeing an excellent experience to all of our Select members

Each flight is tailored to our clients’ needs, making sure that they receive the highest level of quality and service in every flight. Private transportation, exclusiveness, luxury, safety and comfort will transform each trip into a unique experience.



Ensuring safety and privacy of our exclusive’s passengers on every flight. Always taking as a priority your precious time always following the highest quality standards.


Always looking to be at the top of the industry, working to maintain the quality and exclusiveness and to exceed our client's expectations.


Provide all our clients with security, quality, exclusivity, efficiency and privacy on each of our flights. Always counting on the newest fleet in the world.